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Precis Firmalift Range

July Special - Precis Hydrating Firming Mask - 75 ml


Precis Hydrating Mask is an intensely hydrating mask formulated to firm and lift the skin.
  • Milk Peptide Complex (the multi-functional cosmetic active) as well as natural botanical oils and extracts work to moisturise the skin, reduce inflammation and improve elasticity.
  • These and other active ingredients in the mask help to improve firmness and tone, decreasing the depth and width of wrinkles.
  • Research has shown that formulations containing Milk Peptide Complex decrease wrinkle depth, increase skin smoothness, thickness, firmness and elasticity, resulting in a visible reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in just fourteen days
  • Testimony: "The Precis Hydrating Mask was absolutely superb. Once applied to skin and left for 30 minutes, the results on how it plumped out the skin was amazing. The hydration levels of the skin were visible leaving the skin smooth and younger looking. I would highly recommend this hydrating mask for a tired, dull, young or mature looking skin, to give it the lift it needs." - Bev Cantor. Qualified Somatologist and practicing therapist for 25 years"