- Suzan Mulalo

I can testify today after many years of worrying about skin problems that jean Guthrie products works. It is not only a business opportunity but also a business that gives its consultants courage and confidence in selling products simple because it works. For every product I sell, I get testimonies that they work. Thank you JG for products that stands in the international market and that works.

- Theresa Dlamimi

I want to share my testimony, I have just moved to a new working place where everyone started asking me about my legs.i had to tell them about Jean Guthrie coco butter .In no time everyone was placing orders and believe me its selling like hot cakes and its working wonders for all us. My legs just did the talking for me.

- Paula Moodley

My husband sometimes battles with a body rash after showering. The cream he was using just wasn't producing results. We decided to apply the JEAN GUTHRIE AFR SERUM on one side of his body and his usual cream on the other side. The rash showed a marked improvement after one or two applications of the AFR SERUM with far better results than his usual cream.

I too have been battling with red marks on my face and was worried they would leave scars. I tried the AFR SERUM on my face and after two months they are slowly fading. I also use the AFR SERUM on sores and chill blain's on my fingers and find that it is helping to soothe and heal.

The TISSUE OIL LIP BALM which is also a firm favourite has now found favour with my husband too. Initially he was hesitant to use it as he said it looked more like a lipstick! However, after struggling with chapped and sore lips last winter and trying the best products on the market he agreed to try the LIP BALM at night (where no one could see him using it). After just one night his lips visibly improved and now he carries the LIP BALM  with him wherever he goes and whips it out in front of family and friends!

- Thobile Mavundla

I have been using the JEAN GUTHRIE PURE CONTROL RANGE for one month.  I had an Acne, Oily & Uneven skin tone and now my forehead is clear and the pimples no longer aggressive.  I am happy with the results.

- Jeanne Borchardt

"A friend of one of our Beauty Consultants gave birth to a beautiful little girl, but unfortunately she had a very prominent strawberry birthmark on her hand and arm. Her parents had consulted a few dermatologists without success. Our Beauty Consultant advised her to apply EVENTONE twice a day to the affected area. Within 2 months the mark had faded considerably and after

6 months there was only an outline of the original birthmark. I saw photos of the child at her first birthday party and the mark had completely disappeared.

I use EVENTONE daily and the pigmentation marks on my face are a thing of the past.

- Pat Carroll

I would like to give testimony to the amazing results I have had from the Jean Guthrie Range of products!

I purchased an eye cream from a well-known reputable company. After using the product for a few days, the skin around my eyes began to itch and sting.

It was quite obvious that I was having a negative reaction - it looked as though I had been crying constantly, and after a few days the skin surrounding my eyes became dehydrated, red and swollen. I stopped using the product immediately and then purchased an eye cream with a soothing healing ingredient, which brought some relief. However, the skin around my eyes was left looking extremely tired and aged! I was very distressed about this, and even considered getting advice about a more invasive treatment to restore my eyes to their original condition.

Now the good news! A few months later, our church invited Jean Guthrie to come and minister to our ladies. What a blessing that was, not only the word that Jean ministered, but the wonderful Jean Guthrie products that were introduced to us. After explaining my eye dilemma,it was recommended that I try the JEAN GUTHRIE EYE SERUM together with the JEAN GUTHRIE ANTI-FATIGUE EYE CREAM. Well, within a few weeks I could see the change taking place. The skin surrounding my eyes, once again, became smoother and younger looking with no hint of puffiness! What an amazing product!!

Due to my own experience and success with the product, I happily joined the company as a consultant, and can honestly say that it is with confidence that I can sell the JEAN GUTHRIE RANGE knowing what an excellent product it is. My daughter and I now use the entire facial range suitable for our skin types as well as the body cream and body butter. Thanks Jean for a wonderful product!

- Pure Control Range Testimonial

I have had acne-prone skin and scarring since I was a teenager up until my adult years, which is an embarrassing issue, no matter what stage of life you may be in. I tried many topical treatments ranging from the lower range to high-end brand names. I even went to the extent of seeking medical attention from a dermatologist who then prescribed medication that was prescribed for 6 month's. The results of the medication were wonderful, but short-lived (my acne returned about a year later) and the medication also had some side effects.

I was recommended to try the Jean Guthrie Pure Control range by a family friend - I was skeptical about using it because I was convinced that it would be the same as the other products that I had used in the past. After 3 months I had seen a noticeable difference in the quality of my skin, my dark blemishes were lightening and fading away. My acne breakouts reduced remarkably, which allowed the product to work on the blemishes that had developed over the years.

I wish I had known  about Jean Guthrie in my teen's, as it would have spared me a lot of time, money, energy and embarrassment in the long run.



- Lynda Warner

I thanked my client Lynda for supporting me and she replied "No thank you for making my shopping easier and pleasurable" She mentions that it is not worth her standing in ques and maddening crowds in order to buy for herself as well as for others and much prefers being able to shop through me and buy Jean Guthrie as their products are quality and affordable.

- Paula Moodley

Ladies this website is very user friendly. I have used it a couple of times to order online and it is so quick and simple to use. I love the fact that I can surf the site and read up on any one of the products I would like to know more information about and that I can see the specials at a glance as they are very visible and regularly updated. Try using this website you have nothing to lose and Everything to gain :-)

- Bev Cantor: Qualified Somatologist and practicing therapist for 25 years

The Precis Hydrating Mask was absolutely superb. Once applied to skin and left for 30 minutes, the results on how it plumped out the skin was amazing. The hydration levels of the skin were visible leaving the skin smooth and younger looking. I would highly recommend this hydrating mask for a tired, dull, young or mature looking skin, to give it the lift it needs.

- Jean Guthrie

We had an enquiry from a Korean lady who had a serious pigmentation problem – the obvious answer was, of course, Jean Guthrie’s EVENTONE. The results were so dramatic that she sent a tube to her mother in Korea who had a birthmark on her eyelid. Needless to say, that after using a few tubes of EVENTONE the birthmark had faded so much that for the first time in her life she could wear eye shadow.

- Jean Guthrie

A baby born with a serious “strawberry” birthmark over her little arm was also brought to Kay Buitendag to find out if we could help her. They had been to a number of Dermatologists who had no solution to the problem. Kay suggested EVENTONE to be applied and twice daily. The mother sent us photographs after using the product for four months and only the outline of the mark was visible. By the time the baby was one year old the mark had entirely disappeared.

- Jane Flack (Cape Town)

I have for many years used the Skin Exfoliator plus the Tissue Oil together, to repair and give life to my skin after being in a dry harsh environment. I am sometimes out in the bush where water is hard and my skin dries out. I use the Skin Exfoliator, mixed with tissue oil, to cleanse my skin before applying night cream and overnight my skin is restored. It makes my skin feel like silk.

- Nadia (Brandfort)

My husband and I regularly buy AFR''s We bought 20 sets during the last special. We use it for absolutely everything-from mosquito bites, burns, dark spots, sunburn to moisturisers. We are totally hooked.on this product!

- Ansie Greyling

I am a regular client of Diana Hattingh, for years, and use the AFR to maintain a healthy skin and a healing treatment after burning procedures at the Dermatologist. I also use the Precis Range and boast to all my friends about the JG Products as an excellent skin product!